This post is a glossary in the sync icons and signs being for the Dropbox desktop app as well as their significance
This post is a glossary in the sync icons and signs being for the Dropbox desktop app as well as their significance

This post is a glossary on the sync icons and signs which are for the Dropbox desktop application as well as their significance. There are two areas in which these symbols appeara€”in the Dropbox folder on your computer plus the taskbar (Windows) or eating plan pub (Mac computer). The signs differ in each area. This information addresses both.

Any time youa€™re searching for an icon that will bena€™t listed here, go here post on file and folder icons, symbols, and colours.

The sync icons within the Dropbox folder

Below are the sync icons that show up on files and files in your Dropbox folder in File Explorer (house windows) or Finder (Mac).

Synced and neighborhood

A solid green group with a white checkmark ways your own document or folder is fully synced and neighborhood. a€?Synceda€? means any variations you made to this file or folder become shown every where your access their files in Dropbox. a€?Locala€? ensures that your document or folder can be found when youa€™re not attached to net.


a grey circle with a black colored affect symbol indicates your file or folder try completely synced and online-only. a€?Synceda€? means that any changes you made for this document or folder tend to be shown every-where you access your own data in Dropbox. a€?Online-onlya€? indicates you made use of the Intelligent Sync ability to make their file only available on line. Learn more about practical Sync and just what online-only means.

Sync in progress

A solid bluish group with two white arrows planning a circle ensures that their document or folder is within the means of upgrading. In the event that you thought we would add it to their hard drive because of the discerning sync feature, this symbol could indicate that ita€™s however in the process of syncing towards hard drive. If you are using the Smart Sync feature, this symbol could mean that the document is in the procedure for changing their sync condition between online-only and local.

Includes both regional and online-only documents

A white group with an eco-friendly summary and a green checkmark can only appear on a folder. It indicates the folder includes a variety of records and files that exist off-line, or a€?locala€?, and only readily available as soon as youa€™re connected with online, a€?online-onlya€?.

Sync mistake

a red-colored group with a white a€?Xa€? means the file or folder cana€™t inform or sync. Should you decide just attempted to create this document or folder to your Dropbox profile, it could mean that it cana€™t be included. Learn about different forms of synchronize errors and ways to solve them.

Ignored document

a grey group with a white minus sign implies that their file is actually disregarded. Which means ita€™s kept in the Dropbox folder on your desktop, although not on dropbox or throughout the Dropbox servers. Find out more about ignored data files.

The sync icons during the taskbar or diet plan club

Below are the different Dropbox icons in your taskbar (screens) or menu pub (Mac), which will be apparent once the Dropbox desktop computer application is actually open on your computer. The symbol tone can vary greatly, according to your own operating-system.

Totally synced

Sync in progress

A great black colored circle with two white arrows going in a group implies that the Dropbox data files and folders on your personal computer can be found in the whole process of updating. Any improvement you have made were updating everywhere you access the data files in Dropbox.

Syncing paused

A solid black circle with a white stop icon implies that your paused syncing. Learn how to pause and resume file syncing inside Dropbox pc app. Any changes you will be making to your Dropbox files and folders wona€™t update every where you access your records in Dropbox unless you resume syncing.

Maybe not linked to online

a gray Dropbox icon ensures that the Dropbox desktop computer application is actuallyna€™t connected to the net. This means that modifications you will be making on the Dropbox records and files on your personal computer wona€™t revise almost everywhere your access your own records in Dropbox until youa€™re linked to online once again. Discover precisely why Dropbox may not be connecting and ways to solve they.

Unread notifications

Camera uploads happening

a camera icon means you have got linked a camera or mobile device with a cam to your computer system as well as your cam roll will be published to Dropbox. Find out more about the digital camera uploads function.

Precisely what does the grey a€?Xa€? symbol suggest?

In document Explorer, a grey a€?Xa€? symbol can appear on a document or folder within Dropbox folder. This is a Windows symbol rather than a Dropbox symbol. What this means is that file or folder is almost certainly not syncing with Dropbox. To repair this, sample the stages in this short article about fixing syncing dilemmas in Dropbox. If that dona€™t repair it, contact Microsoft help.

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