So the thing try, i am in a commitment with this particular guy exactly who is literally my personal closest friend’s ex
So the thing try, i am in a commitment with this particular guy exactly who is literally my personal closest friend's ex

I was which means to inquire of this concern for a time today, but I couldn't pick a bit of good site. I stumbled upon this site, therefore I thought to query here. I really hope people here can address myself.

I have been with your for longer than monthly. However now we suddenly feeling bad due to the fact that he is my best friend's ex, and because personally i think like i am breaking my mothers' rely on.

But largely i'm bad and bad because I believe like I'm disobeying Allah. I've only found your once, but completed no making out or nothing. We don't actually mention any such thing vulgar, but personally i think along these lines is a sin because do not understand what the future retains. Thus I need to split up with him, but they aren't letting me personally because he states it is fine assuming that we don't touching one another. I believe they 's still a sin whether you touch or perhaps not.

Very kindly, can anyone let me know if having a continuing relationsip prior to ? Whether or not our company isn't doing things and do not plan on starting things because we both bring our morals?

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Break up with your this may only lead your to the completely wrong route it really is a sin ans haraam. Try not to pay attention to your, improve your amounts slice completely CONTACT WITH HIM. Its not necessary your, get married just the halaal way. To me he appear to desire to use you for one thing kindly USUALLY DO NOT RELY ON HIM.

Finally he had been together with your closest friend this demonstrably leaves your in free inmate dating websites Australia an arduous situation. He does not look a great people or a good personality. SHEDDING ONES VIRGINITY BEFORE RELATIONSHIPS FOR A MAN JUST ISN'T BENEFICIAL, THREAD METICULOUSLY!

As sister Samina mentioned previously, there is no bf/gf union in Islam. It does not matter whether zina/touching each other try involved or not--either way, it is still Haram. Allah subhanahu wata'ala claims from inside the Holy Quran:

"plus don't arrive near zina/adultery (for example. matchmaking, being in a room/place alone with a non-mahram, or addressing them alone). They (in other words. close zina/dating) try immoral, and an evil way." (Ouran 17: 32)


As you can see that above-mentioned ayah forbids coming near zina. People mistakenly recognize that zina by yourself is what has become prohibited, and for that reason it's fine currently provided that zina or touching both is not present. Surely, which a fantastic misconception. Both zina and dating happen strictly prohibited relating to a lot of means from Quran and Sunnah. Relationships (with/without zina) is coming near zina, and is without a doubt exactly what was forbidden inside the above-mentioned ayah. As there is another sahih hadith which indicates that when a man is by yourself with a woman (non-mahram) in an exclusive spot, Shaithaan may be the next individual around them--he will surely make an effort to whisper evil feelings and thoughts into all of them.

At this point it must be obvious to you personally your commitment you're in with all the guy was unsatisfactory in Islam. If he desires ily in the suitable Islamic way. As he draws near your loved ones and tries to wed your, he is able to getting allowed the chance to will communicate with you, just that needs to be in appeal of your household or Wali/guardian.

This worry inside you try but by the grace of Allah. Just determine this child you can not any longer read your. Complete. Nowadays there isn't any making out it simply getting a question of time earlier happens. Sometimes it does not end up in only a kiss and there are numerous stories here on this websites that confirm that.

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