I’m a tiny bit wallflower, but as soon as I get safe and like someone, I am actually mild, loving and comfortable in direction of them
I'm a tiny bit wallflower, but as soon as I get safe and like someone, I am actually mild, loving and comfortable in direction of them

Identity: I am actually introverted, but I am not fearful. I am additionally a major bookworm! I'm a rather quiet and laidback female which wants remaining room generally. when I go out, i favor peaceful areas like theatre, diners, galleries, the park... I really do everything I can to kindly and come up with them delighted, passionate to expend times using my spouse. ?Y?°a???Y??

The things I'm like as slightly: I'm very gentle and enjoying. I'm soft spoken, sweet and that I like being recognized, so I'm an excellent girl. ?YZ€

Precisely what I'm finding in a caregiver: individuals loyal, diligent and type who can love me to make me feeling protected and safer. I wish to feeling appreciated, fully understood and validated. A person that will like myself for who I am. ?Y’«


Just what are your looking in someone: a person who was diligent, and understanding of shock. A person who are capable of biggest swift changes in moods, and depressive symptoms.

In search of a DaddyDom

About your self: i'm a 29 year old sub/little/babygirl with little to no enjoy. I haven't been in this lifestyle longer but i do want to diving engrossed deeper. I am trying to find a daddydom who's in search of things actual and really serious. I really do not need one thing casual.

I'm large maintenance and my entry needs to be obtained. I am able to feel a spoiled brat some times. I require plenty of focus and desire to feel spoiled in gift suggestions, journeys, activities, and gender. Needs a company partner that will help me accomplish my ambitions. I want the full, continuous focus!

I like escapades and all which includes, but In addition don't thinking just residing in and pleasant. I enjoy deluxe. I must be well-traveled, I love to cook and bake so if you like desserts i am your girl! I want to be spoiled and so I can ruin your inturn.

Routine life: I like motion pictures, good guide, and I also'm a closet geek the remainder you will have to discover the truth.

Little/Sub lives: I am a little/sub thus I be prepared to be studied proper care of inside and outside the sack. I favor a€?soft doma€? with an assertive streak...i enjoy be put in my room. I love male stamina and I want to be offered a space to get elegant ?Y??

What are your finding in someone: a person who is actually truthful, loyal, nurturing and certainly desires this lifestyle! A Dom which can accept a brat test and which desires to both take over and be sure to me personally both psychologically and physically as much as I want to perform the exact same for them! I enjoy a person who is fun, outgoing but laidback! I love to end up being spanked. I do want to feel just like i am back at my DaddyDom's attention all the time and feel I belong to them.

I prefer whenever my DaddyDom does: anything for me personally! Revealing myself that I'm his and reassures that reality consistently is actually incredible! Directs myself an allowance, pays costs, invests within my upcoming, directs merchandise, and takes me personally on visits. Informs me when he's sad or upset so I enables at all possible!

Points that we hate: certainly, liars/fakes/cheaters and such a thing of this kind. Outside that, I'm usually available for discovering and attempting new stuff!

Big lifestyle: not long ago i graduated uni and I also'm employed regular. I am hectic but I am shopping for something will help me destress!

Tiny lifestyle: I love getting bit. I believe vip singles allie tiny plenty through the day but do not reveal it outwardly most of the time.

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